To serve as a Christ-like ministry, committed to providing food and shelter, awakening hope, and honoring dignity to those in need in Kershaw County.







Free event open to the public!  Clothing and other items for needy families to shop for clothing without the worry whether or not they can afford to pay.  Thank you Mr. Burt Morris for having the vision!

We would like to give a big thank you to all of
our Jam for the Soul sponsors!



August has been the busiest month so far this year serving 2,378 meals!  YTD we have served 16,666 meals equaling 49,998 pieces of plastic eating utensils!!!

The emergency shelter has housed 274 DIFFERENT people since Aug 1, 2016 totaling 10,104 nights.

3800 loads of laundry have been done = 237 gallons of detergent.

Large cans of food!  Fresh vegetables, fruit, and meats!  Large bags of rice, pastas, grits, sugar, flour!  Large containers of coffee and creamer! Warm weather coats, gloves, hats, sleepwear!  Detergent and cleaning supplies!  Toilet paper and paper towels!!  And of course, monetary donations are always needed to keep the power on!



Guest Services



Emergency Sheltering